Dear 15 year old me ! :D

download (2)Dear 15 year old me,

I can feel what you are going through right now. It has just been a year for me but still the memories haunt me ! You start getting mood swings and do not know what to do with it. Exams are eating your head, bust worst of all people whom you are least connected with start pressurizing you. You feel you are fat. You don’t know what to do with life, don’t know what to study, don’t know what to take or most importantly how to convince your “padosi aunty” and elders in your family about your decision to take up humanities.

Well it is a difficult span but truly it is not the end of your life. Studying is a part of your life but studying is not your life. So take a break chillax. I know you have tons to study !


But take breaks in between go out to nature while studying languages. It helps a lot especially while studying poetry in English !

Mood swing is a side effect of teenage ! 😛 It still has its effects on me and after watching my elder cousins it usually wears off with experience. So let us wait until then!

One thing about life is that follow what your heart thrives. If you follow your heart you shall never feel sad! But if you make the wrong decisions then you shall surely suffer later :/

Don’t at all bother about weight 1 PU is there for weight loss only ! 😛

after reading this you might be like ….

download (1)

But once this year is over it feels like ………………

download (3)

CIAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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