Bheje ko bhejna hai ???

Research is our craving. We need to find answers for everything! Paradox is that we  go to any extent to fulfill our desire and find answers! We believe that we must know everything! How the universe was created? Are there parallel universes? Is there life beyond earth? Are we really intelligent species? HOW DOES THE BRAIN FUNCTION ?

For non-Indians the title means “are you ready to sell your brains”. Well the answer is maybe after I die…… But what if I ask you to give me your brain while you are alive? “YOU’R NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!”

Well I am not ! 😦 Our insanity for finding answers is so barbaric that I am stunned! O.O

After reading the sci-fic novel “Brain” by Robin Cook. I am aghast ed ! People  are told to report to the GYN lab for no reason and they go missing and they are involuntarily taken for a research. The person who was given the credit did’nt even know that such a research was going on ! O.O

Well one thing is for sure I’m never going to a hospital in New  York even if I’m forced to and if some  doctors call and tell me to report for some bizzare thing I shall never do it! I know its fiction and I’m being sissy 😦 But it surely has scared the hell out of me !

What is more important research or ETHICS and HUMANITY ????????????

CIAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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