Customs and traditions

India is pretty much famous for its variety of customs, traditions and practices. Over here traditions are given great importance whether it is a small celebration such as a child’s birth or a grand one like marriage.   😉

People usually state that India is predominantly masculism based. But deep down in our scriptures we find gender equality. Once a man gets married he can’t perform any festivities without his wife. Even our god Rama when he sent his wife away got a golden statue in the shape of his wife Sita to perform the Ashwamedha Yaaga.


If you haven’t attended any Indian festivities till now make it a point to attend some! The colors, the emotions, the bonding, the countless number of relatives and their talks. it’s a magical experience!   😀

The food is amazing! If you are foodie then this shall relish your taste buds!   😀

download (3)

The yummisious north Indian spread!   😀

download (2)

The slurpatting south Indian spread!   😀

CIAO !!!!!!!!!!!!   🙂


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