Deficiency can only be understood when it is felt.

Keeping this as our franca clout we, the members of the NGO “ANUPRAYAAS” are striving to  envisage the idea of Eye pledging  through various memorandums. One such idea that helps a lay man to envision the hardships endured by a gifted person whose eyesight has been abridged to aggrandize his other senses is our #Blindselfie campaign.

The bitter truth is that India has the largest number of  Blind people in this world! But a sigh of assuagement is that a majority of this blind population can be gifted the legacy of gift. Therefore we strive to raise awareness on blind population and abate blindness.

Even though we are enduring so many hardships to spawn perception and encourage eye donation but there are many gruesome myths that are holding us back!

Eyes can be removed out of living human beings
Eyes can be donated even by a live person
Removal of eyes causes disfigurement of the face
Eye donation interferes with, or delays customary final rites
Eyes of aged donors are not acceptable
Indian eyes are not good to be used for corneal transplantation
An entire eye can be transplanted
Corneal transplantation is an experimental procedure
Corneal transplantation is not effective and successful in Indian eyes
Human eyes can be bought or sold
Only those who have pledged their eyes can donate them after death

These are only some of the myths! But remember people these are only MYTHS !

If you are rational enough you wouldn’t believe in these stuff then what is holding you back!

Pledge your eyes! We have a tie up with Lions Eye Bank, Bangalore; spread sunshine to two of the  most gifted people on earth at :-


Now coming back to #Blindselfie,

Our main motive is that you should blindfold yourself and click a selfie; somewhat like this,


And once you do it post it on every social media platform that you are on with #Blindselfie and #Anuprayaas to create a viral trend. But please don’t resist your temptation for the clicking the selfie, click it, post it, inform people and pledge your eyes!

If thou art thinking why hath I listened to thee ?

The basic idea is when you try to click a selfie blind folded you fathom the hardships a blind person endures in every day life! So think, reflect and decide to pledge your eyes.

For further queries visit,


And please do like our page on FB ,

Here is our team,


Before you leave please watch our documentary share it and lets join hands in the creation of

India, a country wherein everyone is blessed with sight!

CIAO ! 😀


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