Journey from a sleeping city to the city that never sleeps !

I recently moved to mumbai from mysore, the former is called as the “New York” of India, and trust me it is not all cake and cherry.

I am accustomed to a life that is slow paced! In Mysore before 10am none of the “executive shops” in the “Busiest road” opens and it shuts before it’s 9pm. Time is our friend. We leave just 10 mins before we are expected and yet reache on time. People are so slow paced that you get to reflect upon your actions.

But it is quite the contradictory over here ! Shops open at 9am don’t shut till it’s been 11pm! Even if you leave half an hour before the stipulated time you don’t make it in time! Time is a possession expensive than diamonds ! 😉

Alas it’s life and you have to move on and let’s hope that it works out good for me !

CIAO ! 😀


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