We live in an era where money is an asset. It’s a high valued treasure as it is inevitable in the modern scenario! Everything needs money so as to curb the unlimited wants to be exploited by the limited resources. Money is the “Power franca” in the contemporary era.

It is necessary to start investing earlier. “If you plant a seed when you are young you can enjoy the fruits when you are old”  applies even to the investment mantra. Early investment means a secure retirement life. This justifies why students who take up part time jobs start investing during their student career itself!

But where should one invest, Equity shares or stocks. Well it depends upon you. But try to invest in the ‘Low Key’ companies as they are predicted to be relatively stable; and a small rise may earn you loads of amount, whereas a high profito company’s large rise may not earn you a lot as there are millions of investors!

So invest early and wisely. Start your week with a fresh and strong investment! All the best !

CIAO ! 😀


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