Sons & Lovers

I recently finished reading “Sons and Lovers” by D.H.Lawrence. For non literature people, it’s him;


(For further info please contact Mr. Wikipedia) 😛

It’s a wonderful novel that PROPOUNDS “Oedipus Complex”, if thou art wondering what is that, then thou must not fear my good people!

Oedipus complex is a psychological state which develops during adolescence, remember the feeling of attachment to your mom and sort of friction with your dad (Meant for all ‘mama’s boys’ PS- Including me 😉 ………… that’s Oedipus complex.

Electra complex is what females tend to develop that is quite the contrary to Oedipus (meaning opposite)

Btw, I think that old English line was lame! 😛 Sorry for making you read that! 😉

Anyways, there is a story about Oedipus complex (PS-not the novel one)….                                                                                          Once upon a time there was a kingdom and its king had no heir to the throne …(*cliché* ……. I’m not to be blamed ! THE STORY IS LIKE THAT !)  ……. They finally had a son and they called in the fortune teller to predict his future (As though it was not clear enough that he would be a KING !)… the teller predicted that the son will end up marrying the mother (Nope it’s not a ‘Kardashian story’) ….. so the king ordered the Prime Minister to get rid of the child (Talk about parental love… L huh…)… but the Prime Minister was a man with a ‘golden heart’ (awwww) he left the child in care of a poor couple. The child grew up to be a handsome, strong prince (*cliché* ..duh… I know) … he made an alliance with the neighboring king and conquered his father’s kingdom (In his defense he didn’t know)   He even vanquished the king he made alliance with and became the ruler of both the kingdoms and killed his father (He didn’t know that the guy was his father …. But you deserved it punk!)…. and later he married his mother unknowingly! (You can’t change destiny folks!)…. The prime minster who had gone out of the kingdom was shocked when he came back and explained their relation to the newly married couple (speak of the shock !) … anyways both the mother and son committed suicide out of shame!

I guess you need to watch these to clear your mind off the extremely knotted story with that my bad story telling! Look at these adorable creatures !

Coming to the novel, I realized that I am an hopeless critic (Hold your happiness !) , that’s coz I can’t find fault (applause! :P) … the problem really is whenever I read a new novel I go “WOW! This is THE BEST novel ever!” and the next novel also ends with the same tag line! *humph*…. But this novel didn’t end with that tag line (hallelujah!) It rather left me in deep thoughts, ‘Will I end up like that too?’ . I saw my reflection in the characters of William and Paul. Mrs. Morel seemed relatively close to my own mothers and I was in a dilemma! Gosh! I’m damn sure I’m going to end up like that . But I guess every guy does.

Most of you are not understanding what I am talking about or don’t  know who the hell are Mrs. Morel, William and Paul. And I won’t reveal it to you coz you NEED TO READ THAT BOOK ! If you come over to my place, me being the angel that I am (PS- not really ! :P) I shall lend it out to you for two days coz you can finish it within two days (PS-If you can’t read 400 odd pages in two days, honey you need to get tested 😉

Read it and comment on your experience.

CIAO ! 😀


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