Indulged in thoughts…


It has been quite a long time since I last blogged. I was engrossed in my exams and y’all know how difficult and pressurising 12th grade is. Hence I took a break from blogging to focus on my studies and finally it’s over and I can return back to blogging.

My hols started a fortnight ago and whilst on my cycling adventures, a thought struck me. Are we loosing to thoughts ?  

I often see a lot of people acting on their intuition and I’m startle

d by it. Acts of impulsive behaviour leads to problems, doesn’t it ? I know that thinking is like dropping things into a lake, regardless you put a diamond or a worthless pebble it will create ripples!

But stop for a moment and assimilate your thoughts, any decision made after acute thinking it is more prone to be successful.

For example, the great economic theories like the one introduced by the late President of America, Theodore Roosevelt was done after conscious thinking. Whereas the impulsive swear words that usually roll out of our mouths are usually troublesome.

I know that the two example are on different stance. I didn’t get a good relative example for impulsive actions. But take a moment and think it over.

Ciao ! 😁

3 thoughts on “Indulged in thoughts…

  1. Hey Sumedha!! Well, I can’t think of any suitable relative examples either, but the way governments in Karnataka have been experimenting with the primary education system could be a good example for impulsive, senseless (in my opinion) decisions. 😉

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