​It’s been a while since I last blogged. My phone’s display broke and I ended up in a frenzy. I’d been planning to blog about Economics since long but haven’t been able to. And today I just wanted to blog so took a general topic. Basically blogging about last Friday.

Last Friday there was an Economics fest “Arthutsav” at Nagindas Khandwala College, Malad. We’d recurved the info a couple of weeks before and as soon as we got info regarding the great we stayed of chalking out the team. It took us a week to be honest and we were able to submit our entries just in the nick of time (12 his before the deadline to be honest). 

Slightly rephrasing Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s statement “Procrastination thou art a heartless creature” engulfed us. We didn’t bother about it and exactly 4 data before the event a bolt striked me to start getting prepared. I went to Thane, my friend Anagh’s to start off our ppt presentation. My main motive was to collect information and give it to another teammate Srujan who was in charge of designing the ppt. But we ended up taking and did minimal work. 

Come Monday we jovially forgot about the event until Wednesday, when I dragged my teammates to my apartment and prepared a draft of a ppt. Later Srujan took it home for further designing and we all planned to give a demo presentation in front of our Economics department. 

The next day that is on Thursday we have our demo presentation and realised we were far behind, loads of editing was required and the same day we went back to the apartment and did all the edits and Srujan did all of the stunning design and animation back at his place. 

Then Friday the big day came. We decided to meet at Dadar West station and take the local train to Malad. The five of us met 30 mins later than the time we’d planned to meet at. The journey takes about 35-45 mins, giving us loads of time to gossip and talk! 

We get off at Mulund station and the first thing that strikes us is the smell of fish. Even though I’m a vegetarian I have no prejudice out grudges against non-vegetarian food or people. But the smell of sea-food always nauseates me and especially in the morning when you have a big day ahead it’s disturbing. We took an auto cut a deal with the driver and all five of us travelled in the same rick (PS- It’s illegal for a rick driver to board more than three people). 

We were late, the inaugural programme had just started and the college anthem was being played. We stood near the door until the anthem got over later made ourselves comfortable in the LAST seats. 

“Winning isn’t important” (PS- I’m not trying this coz we lost. Infact we won the best college award and I won in every thing I participated in and I was converted the best presenter award)

We had load of fun. We made amazing friends who were organisers too, Khushali Changela and Prerna Nagla. We annoyed the volunteers by pretending to summon them for important reasons but pissed them off by asking them what’s on the menu and such stuff! 

Over in all we had an amazing time. And I’m gonna miss it.

Ciao! 😁



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