Hamaari Uljhi Hui Kahaani !


I declare it out in the open- We live in a PREJUDICED, HYPOCRITICAL and JUDGEMENTAL society.

What makes me come to that conclusion ?

Well for starters the backlash I received for taking up humanities after scoring 97% in my tenth.

The way we look at feminism. We head to the streets demanding women rights, but when it comes to matrimony; a fair (If you are dark skinned go under the razor) , well educated (But less educated than the groom) , Working (Salary is less than the groom’s and have to stop working after year when you get pregnant) and Sanskaari (Chef, Door Man and Butler in need) Bride is needed.

We act as if being judgemental is our fundamental right. You eat vegetarian food you’re a Cow, you eat meat you’re Barbaric. You drink you’re a “bewda saala” you don’t you’re still a kid. You try to keep in touch in touch you’re clingy you don’t you’re a misogynistic ass. You have sex you’re a slut you don’t you’re boring. You’re gay you think only about sex and are disgusting you’re lesbians then you’re just confused.

Just STOP! STOP being judgemental, prejudiced and hypocritical. Just lead your life. Don’t stereotype anyone coz the world is not as how you imagine!

Ciao! 😁

I’m Back ! :P

While I was minding my own business, loitering on the streets I realized ‘DAMN I have a blog!’ O.O

And it’s been almost more than 2 months since I blogged! Crap! Lazy me!

So I have re-spawned after a brief of time and here I am to blog on from now on! And I hope to keep my ‘Christmas Wows” and blog! 😉

Yesterday I attended a pretty big marriage in Nerul. (It’s in Navi [New] Mumbai for non-Mumbaikars).

Well, what’s huge?

The thing is I live in the party place “Bandra.” For those who have no idea about Mumbai take a peek at this railway map.


Near south is Bandra, and Nerul lies beside the peninsular structure.


People it takes at least 3 hours by a cab during rush-hours! So I had to resort to board the local trains praying for a place to at least STAND comfortably. There are basically three ways by which you can reach Nerul.

  • Take the western line train from Bandra to Dadar, then board the central line train from Dadar to Kalyan and finally take the harbor line train to Nerul.
  • Take the trans-harbor train from Bandra to Vadala, and then take the harbor line train to Nerul.
  • Take the western line train from Bandra to Dadar, then take the central line train from Dadar to Thane and finally take the trans-harbor line train to Nerul.

The problem with 1 and 3 is that the distance is too much and the trains are too crowded. The problem with 2 is that the train frequency is too less and you might end up waiting for more than half an hour. But the advantage with 2 is that it is comparatively less crowded. Being the typical “I’d rather wait than be shoved” person I took opportunity number two.

This was the first time I was going to Navi Mumbai. So basically I was petrified that I would miss the station and end up getting lost! I boarded the trans-harbor line which starts from Bandra so that I would get a comfortable place to sit. I travel by the same trans-harbor line everyday to college but get off one stop preceding Vadala. So basically I did not know which side the platform would come. I sat like a Chihuahua ready to pounce in the direction where I would spot the platform and jumped off as soon as it stopped. I waited for my train at Vadala for a long, long, long time. Finally it came and I got a spot to sit! (Whew!)

But I had no idea after what stop Nerul comes, because I had left my “Smart Phone” at my great aunt’s place! So I had to ask my fellow passenger. He blatantly refused to say more that “Yeh wala nahi hai!” (Translation- It’s not this one). I ended up asking him at every station and then I guess he got annoyed and pissed off that he stated “mereko bhi wahi utarna hai mai tereko bolega!” (Translation- I too am getting down there itself I’ll tell you!). I think I might have annoyed him too much with my subtle ‘interrogation’!

Anyways I reached the station and got down. Then I realized ‘I don’t know the venue! Moreover I didn’t even bring my invitation card!’ I thought of ringing up my great uncle and ask him for directions, but no thanks to this technology I don’t remember his phone number at all! Then I ended up calling my mom and took his number from her and then ended up calling him and asked for directions. And finally I arrived on the venue!

It was GRAND! Pretty good arrangements and all but I admired the caterings! 😛 The Glutton in me was starving. There were pineapple refreshments and croutons for relishing whilst the ceremony took place and the spread for lunch was scruplitious and delumpcious. There was fresh Pasta (thank god) where you could choose your toppings and spices and even your sauce! (Halleluiah!) Less veggies for ME!

But anyways going to a wedding after a long, long, looooong time is good and refreshing. But going to a wedding pretty often not my piece of cake so thank you!

Anyway here are some pics,



For once I’m laughing in a candid pic! Whew!


I look stoned but I AM NOT!


CIAO from all of us! 😀