Good things in life.

Good things in life.

Are there any ?

If there are where are they hidden ?

In this world where your father is misery,

Mother is prejudice and your

Sibling is vengeance;

How can you find good things in life ?

How can you, when a child cries not for hunger but for power;

How can you, when a lover cries not for the loss of love but for the loss of lust;

How can you, when a mother cries not for child but for her jewels;

How can you find the good things in life ?

I’m done explaining this logic! 😤


Continuing my last post on hypocrisy and judgmental behaviour, I have another incident that supports argument.

I’d applied to get a photocopy of my answer scripts to check my errors. When I applied they told me that it’ll take 8-10 days, and once they get it they’ll SMS me and I’d have to go and get it.

I waited, 8 days went away, 10 days went away, the 12th day came and I started to panic a little. Have they even processed my application? Was there something wrong with my application? Thoughts haunted me. I called them up but they didn’t pick up!

Then my trauma started unable to control myself I went to the office to confront them. There they looked me up and told that it’s not yet come. If there ceased to soak at that I have left with a rather can mind. But the official said that it might take 5 more days since they are GIVING PREFERENCE TO SCIENCE STUDENTS. This enraged me.

Aren’t all students equal. Who was the one who decided that students who don’t want to pursue engineering and medical to be dumb? Who decided that the rest are un important? I’m not trying that people who study poor subjects or study bushes and management be the most important but it’s time you gave us some respect.

Let’s approach it systematically. After an engineer graduates he starts working in a company. But he is supervised, monitored and hired by a person who studied management. Same with doctors, they are governed by the management!

People who decide to stray away from norms are not dumb but smart as they are the ones who will monitor the supposed socially accepted smart people.

Ciao! 😁

Hamaari Uljhi Hui Kahaani !


I declare it out in the open- We live in a PREJUDICED, HYPOCRITICAL and JUDGEMENTAL society.

What makes me come to that conclusion ?

Well for starters the backlash I received for taking up humanities after scoring 97% in my tenth.

The way we look at feminism. We head to the streets demanding women rights, but when it comes to matrimony; a fair (If you are dark skinned go under the razor) , well educated (But less educated than the groom) , Working (Salary is less than the groom’s and have to stop working after year when you get pregnant) and Sanskaari (Chef, Door Man and Butler in need) Bride is needed.

We act as if being judgemental is our fundamental right. You eat vegetarian food you’re a Cow, you eat meat you’re Barbaric. You drink you’re a “bewda saala” you don’t you’re still a kid. You try to keep in touch in touch you’re clingy you don’t you’re a misogynistic ass. You have sex you’re a slut you don’t you’re boring. You’re gay you think only about sex and are disgusting you’re lesbians then you’re just confused.

Just STOP! STOP being judgemental, prejudiced and hypocritical. Just lead your life. Don’t stereotype anyone coz the world is not as how you imagine!

Ciao! 😁

Bewilderment of the missing! 😱


The previous Sunday I went to watch a critically acclaimed Kannada movie “Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu”. It is a fabulous movie no doubt. It focuses two three realities and renders each of it a conducive and convincing end. One of which was story of an old man having Alzheimer’s disease gone missing.

This reminded me of an incident during my vacation at Mysore. Wherein an old man who didn’t speak the local dialect was lost.

Me and my father had gone to the granary store from where we order our restaurant’s commodities. There in front of the store was an old man sitting on a chair talking to the manager of the store in a bizarre muddle up of languages half crying. We tried to intervene and solve the case! 😉

But it was more frivolous than we thought! The old man was from Pune, Maharashtra. When I this the inner Mumbaikar kicked in. In the little bit of Marathi I had picked up 6 months I asked proudly “Tumhi kaun? Kaay zhala ?” And his reply was elaborate but the only thing I could make out was that he’d come to his son’s house in Mysore. He was out to visit a temple but got lost. His son owned a garage near a big temple. This description was ambiguous but the biggies figured it out and dropped him. When he told him that we knew the location was talking about he started to soon out of happiness and thanked us a lot.

After watching this movie two days ago it got me thinking, with Indians being highly prone to Alzheimer’s disease and it’s diagnosis usually neglected such incidents are becoming the norm! People have come up with innovative ideas such as giving I-Cards for safety measures; but this too isn’t succulent sometimes. The increasing number of missing OLD people in the newspapers is an indication that we must take up o this issue vehemently and plan a full proof blue print.

Ciao! 😁