Character analysis

​”Who are friends?” 

Are they the ones who laugh at your lame jokes? Are they the ones who know that you are crazy? Are they the ones who pull your leg at every possible moment? Are they the ones whom you are so comfortable you are your true self?

This July I started a new phase of my life, college. It’s quite frivolous at first as your old friends are scattered and you have to make new ones. It feels really sceptical especially when you are making a three week late entry. The first two weeks is quintessential in the first year of your college life. You make your friends and create your peer group. By the fourth week group wars on social media start to spurt. 

So you can imagine my nervousness. I had to fit in, choose the right gang and all of that. Thankfully I’ve made remarkably good progress within a short span! (sigh!)

So, on special demand I’ve been asked to blog about my friends I’ve made so far. So here is my character analysis of them all.

Anagh Mamadapur- The first person to talk to Mr college, but crashed me out by the way he first tried to talk to me. I was alarmed thinking he’d make a pass at me! (Face palm) But then he turned out be my bestie. He is kinda similar with my home bestie Varun coz both of them eat a LOT! But yet never gains weight! I joke telling that I’m 90% sure about 100% of stuff! (Face palm) He gets my sarcasm (Thankfully) (Eye Roll) and his mom’s sweet as candy! And I like hanging out at his place (He’s got strong WiFi!) All in all he’s the proper bestie material for me. (Wink)

Sukanshi- She’s another person like me ‘doesn’t eat but is not zero size yet!’ (She’s in the making though) She’s the clichéd bubbly girl you need in the group. Funny, cheerful, smart and totally joyful and expressive about it! And her Hindi is actually good because she’s not from Mumbai, but the local ‘Ghouti’ Hindi is influencing her. (My Hindi notes!) (Face palm) All in ask she’s a delightful friend. 

Khushali Changel- Well she’s not in my college but she was the organiser the fest. She tolerated our tantrums and was a good sport. She’s highly talented, focused and is a huge help. She gave me information regarding a National Conference and motivated me to participate in it! But the super cool fact about her is that she has spectacle like Harry Potter! (In Reddish Pink though, quite a damper; if it was black then it would have been fabulous) She might get a little tipsy, of you know where I mean (Wink, Wink) but a friend to look up to.

Prerna Nangla- Another person who tolerated us for a whole day, she’s quite the fashionista. Likes to shop. Easy to text. Tolerated us. (Most important one though), and understands and accepts that we are slightly off our rockers. BTW, she’s going to a trek timeout at Ajoba Hills! (You go girl!) 

Anyways, that’s all I could fit in for this article. I’ll try to fit the others in the next time.

Until then,

Ciao! 😁