I’m Back ! :P

While I was minding my own business, loitering on the streets I realized ‘DAMN I have a blog!’ O.O

And it’s been almost more than 2 months since I blogged! Crap! Lazy me!

So I have re-spawned after a brief of time and here I am to blog on from now on! And I hope to keep my ‘Christmas Wows” and blog! 😉

Yesterday I attended a pretty big marriage in Nerul. (It’s in Navi [New] Mumbai for non-Mumbaikars).

Well, what’s huge?

The thing is I live in the party place “Bandra.” For those who have no idea about Mumbai take a peek at this railway map.


Near south is Bandra, and Nerul lies beside the peninsular structure.


People it takes at least 3 hours by a cab during rush-hours! So I had to resort to board the local trains praying for a place to at least STAND comfortably. There are basically three ways by which you can reach Nerul.

  • Take the western line train from Bandra to Dadar, then board the central line train from Dadar to Kalyan and finally take the harbor line train to Nerul.
  • Take the trans-harbor train from Bandra to Vadala, and then take the harbor line train to Nerul.
  • Take the western line train from Bandra to Dadar, then take the central line train from Dadar to Thane and finally take the trans-harbor line train to Nerul.

The problem with 1 and 3 is that the distance is too much and the trains are too crowded. The problem with 2 is that the train frequency is too less and you might end up waiting for more than half an hour. But the advantage with 2 is that it is comparatively less crowded. Being the typical “I’d rather wait than be shoved” person I took opportunity number two.

This was the first time I was going to Navi Mumbai. So basically I was petrified that I would miss the station and end up getting lost! I boarded the trans-harbor line which starts from Bandra so that I would get a comfortable place to sit. I travel by the same trans-harbor line everyday to college but get off one stop preceding Vadala. So basically I did not know which side the platform would come. I sat like a Chihuahua ready to pounce in the direction where I would spot the platform and jumped off as soon as it stopped. I waited for my train at Vadala for a long, long, long time. Finally it came and I got a spot to sit! (Whew!)

But I had no idea after what stop Nerul comes, because I had left my “Smart Phone” at my great aunt’s place! So I had to ask my fellow passenger. He blatantly refused to say more that “Yeh wala nahi hai!” (Translation- It’s not this one). I ended up asking him at every station and then I guess he got annoyed and pissed off that he stated “mereko bhi wahi utarna hai mai tereko bolega!” (Translation- I too am getting down there itself I’ll tell you!). I think I might have annoyed him too much with my subtle ‘interrogation’!

Anyways I reached the station and got down. Then I realized ‘I don’t know the venue! Moreover I didn’t even bring my invitation card!’ I thought of ringing up my great uncle and ask him for directions, but no thanks to this technology I don’t remember his phone number at all! Then I ended up calling my mom and took his number from her and then ended up calling him and asked for directions. And finally I arrived on the venue!

It was GRAND! Pretty good arrangements and all but I admired the caterings! 😛 The Glutton in me was starving. There were pineapple refreshments and croutons for relishing whilst the ceremony took place and the spread for lunch was scruplitious and delumpcious. There was fresh Pasta (thank god) where you could choose your toppings and spices and even your sauce! (Halleluiah!) Less veggies for ME!

But anyways going to a wedding after a long, long, looooong time is good and refreshing. But going to a wedding pretty often not my piece of cake so thank you!

Anyway here are some pics,



For once I’m laughing in a candid pic! Whew!


I look stoned but I AM NOT!


CIAO from all of us! 😀


Le soiree

All of our french classmates had an amazing soiree at Madame Jayashree’s house…..

PS- It was weeks ago sorry for the retarded blogging!

Anyways a truly fun event. We planned on watching a movie but we had SOOOOOOO much to talk than the movie went home alone !   😛

We chatted for ages, revealing all kinds of secrets, reconnoitered Madame’s place   😉 and ate like gluttons!

But the star of the party was the Fondue ! (SLURPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP)


It was prepared by Madame and we finished the whole fondue !

And all of us brought something or the other … I brought baby corn saute with peanut sauce … (YUMMM Je sais! 😉 😛 )


Have a glimpse of the lip-smacking spread !


You can stop drooling coz there’s nothing remaining !   😛

Anyways I hope you too have a lot of these yummy soiree’s ..


CIAO and AU REVOIR from the whole team ! 😀

NSS Diaries

Day 1:-

Dear Diary,

It’s about 9:26 while I’m writing this. To be honest I have mixed feelings about this camp and I feel this shall continue till the last day. I was (as usual!) late to arrive to college almost an hour later we left in the college bus. I started observing the route so as to guide my dad on the day he was coming. But I lost concentration halfway through! We went to extreme interiors, village after another! After we reached there, people went to level the “stage” but me the lazy person, I stayed back with a book in my hand! 😛           But then when my turn to go came directed by a “DIRECTIONALIST” I ended up in a long goose chase! 😉 😀  Later two experienced ex-camp in charge teachers came and divided us into teams with 12th grade people as leaders. (Sigh! :/)Later we had the inauguration ceremony. Things went off in a jiffy for me today. Well hoping good sleep.

-Your pen friend

Day 3:-

Dear Diary,

I know you missed me yesterday but what can I do. It was service day! (P.S- I know you don’t know what service is. So don’t crack your case. It’s a day where we don’t do physical work but help out in cooking, cleaning and hospitality).                                                                                                               The first thing yesterday that I had to do was go to the diary in the village and get milk for the day. We made bouquets for our guests that day by using locally available flowers! Breakfast was late (No fingers pointing towards us 😉 thankfully!)                                                                                             It was a really big day with loads to do and being the control freak that I am I started giving people orders, telling them what to do and leading them. Thankfully my team leader didn’t do anything to stop me. I f that would not have happened ‘World War 3” would have started! 😉 😛                              Anyways I had to hit the sack pretty late. :/ Anyways Gm to you! J

-Your pen friend

Day 4:-

Dear Diary,

Today its field work. It was way too much work! My back is aching like hell! “Even though you hardly did any work!” – Opinion of my teammates. My piece of mind- “Lifting stuff from one place to another and going a distance and piling it up is WORK!”, HUMPH ! L Later we went to nearby stream for a swim, and the waters were magical and so condensing!                                                         Later we performed in front of the villagers regarding the ill effects of over smoking, loitering money on alcohol and domestic violence. Pretty fun!                                                                            That’s all for today, if you expect me to tell you more Mr. Diary, well I can’t go to sleep! It’s past your bed time! 😛

-Your pen friend

Day 5:-

Dear Diary,

As usual we had field work but today was a bit exiting as we saw a creature slide from one edge of the road to another! We just thought it was snake, became drama queens, over reacted, laughed at ourselves and went on with our work “It was a pretty good one mate!”:P.                                           But the thing that was most elated on this day was the AMAZING lecture on archaeology by Prof. Rangraju sir. Totally fell flat for him. O.O I used one whole booklet for making notes! 😀               On top of all of these all our lecturers came as sprinklers for ice-cream! 😀 They came to watch our performances but we let them out. It’s a curse you know! We are never able to live up to their expectations L But as the French say “C’est la vie” We have to move on!

-Your pen friend

Day 6:-

Dear Diary,

Last day of Field work! 😀                                                                                                                                    I am so exited! Programmes and all! And it came out well it seems! 😀                                                 Mom and dad came to visit me ! 😀                                                                                                                   Nothing much to write coz I AM TOO LAZY AND TIRED !                                                                      Go and sleep and GET LOST Mr. Diary.

-Your pen friend

Day 7:-

Dear Diary,

Leaving the village today.  L Went to the nearby temple cleaned its premises (Shocking how people even litter places of worship!) and planted saplings as a mark of our hard work to keep the village clean! 😀 Feeling nostalgic! Gonna truly miss the village and you Mr. Diary.                                           CIAO!

-Your pen friend

******************************************************************************************** If you are wondering what all these was, this is my diary of the seven day camp we had in a village so as to inculcate civil behavior among villagers and to clean it. It was a pretty successful venture. I ‘hath’ put it word to word! 😛 Just put it in the last to check who is reading and who are not ! 😛