Good things in life.

Good things in life.

Are there any ?

If there are where are they hidden ?

In this world where your father is misery,

Mother is prejudice and your

Sibling is vengeance;

How can you find good things in life ?

How can you, when a child cries not for hunger but for power;

How can you, when a lover cries not for the loss of love but for the loss of lust;

How can you, when a mother cries not for child but for her jewels;

How can you find the good things in life ?


Yes indeed sir,

I proudly agree


Why you ask,

No it is not because of

My cold heart.

It’s just that


Nor is my 

Ignorance and arrogance the reason

For my loveless life;

For no one could love this savage monster,

Who’s just


Midnight’s journal


The advantage I befitted from moving to a sleeping city to a city that never sleeps is that deadlines cease to exist.

The factuality that the city runs the entire day with transportation not available just for a few hours is nevertheless astonishing , but it’s scary too.

No sir, the dark night is not that scares me but the human endeavours that occur during these dark times are the ones that intimidate me.

This land of exposure has so many drawbacks. Crimes that a human inflicts upon himself, not to others is rampant and lures everyone like a hungry desperate monster. 

The freedom from time constraint made me brave enough to wander around the city even past 1am. And on those adventures the thing that I notice is not just authoritative protection but also moral encouragement from your co-passengers and co-wanderers. Everyone puts on a brace face but deep down we all know the lucrative dark red light that glows and demands to be feared.

Ciao! 😁