Good things in life.

Good things in life.

Are there any ?

If there are where are they hidden ?

In this world where your father is misery,

Mother is prejudice and your

Sibling is vengeance;

How can you find good things in life ?

How can you, when a child cries not for hunger but for power;

How can you, when a lover cries not for the loss of love but for the loss of lust;

How can you, when a mother cries not for child but for her jewels;

How can you find the good things in life ?

Mirja Fort

While coming from Gokarna (Famous for OM Beach) to Murudeshwara there is a fort on the right called as the Mirja fort. It is pretty unique as it has portugese-islamic style of architecture but has a Hindu deepasthambam (Pillar of light) and an Idol of Durga Devi. It is amazing! It has 3 wells with  60, 80 and 100 feat depth. There is a huge trench that was filled with water during times immemorial. The leader or the king had a secret passage through one of those wells to ensure that his security was a total secret. It is believed to be used for trade purposes. Now it is under the Archeological Department of India. Have a glimpse of it! 😀

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Well, I enjoyed the visit and I hope that whenever you go near that part you might visit it!

CIAO ! 😀