Hope’s streak

​Beaten and broken;

Thrashed and thrown,

He neither seeks riches not desires them.

He’s crippled, but decorated with bruises;

He’s sagged, but adorned with rags.

He wants not your jewels and sparkles,

But just a ray of light’s existence.

-Sharangrav Samaga

Seeking an obsession

We NEED obsessions!

Yes, you heard me right. We actually need obsessions. 

But why ?

We’re brought up under such circumstances which has induced a habit of worrying.

We constantly need to work on something and worry about something. Idletory is frowned upon.

But we do need it. In this scenario of opportunity Darwin’s theory of  Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection rule. Idletory is not just derogatory but is a taboo as well.

But at what cost?

Worrying is an obsession. Worrying that you don’t have an obsession is the biggest obsession.

Ciao 😁