Trains of Mumbai !

Commuting in Mumbai is a herculean task. If not for trains I wonder what would have been the fate of commuters? A distance of 10 kms takes at least an hour on road! People would have lived their lives on roads! Commuting from here to there and voila your day is over!

Since my college is about 5 kms away from my residence and my passion cycling is out of the question I had to resort to trains.

God has a way for the blessed !

I’m not at all spiritual but thankfully I have been blessed with odd timings! Yes I am appreciating odd timings! My college starts at 12:30 . Most of the institutions for 11th and 12th grade start at that point of time. Thus I end up loosing the rush hour which looks something like this !

download (2)

Forget about getting a seat managing to fit into the train is a task named “Mission Impossible! ”

But by the time I take the train the interior view is like this ,

download (3)

Thus I am spared and I even get a seat to be seated !

But anyways I enjoy it and have started “Ticket collection!”  😛

CIAO ! 😀

P.S- If you come to Mumbai don’t hesitate to travel in trains coz it is an EXPERIENCE that you shall NEVER FORGET !