Bewilderment of the missing! 😱


The previous Sunday I went to watch a critically acclaimed Kannada movie “Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu”. It is a fabulous movie no doubt. It focuses two three realities and renders each of it a conducive and convincing end. One of which was story of an old man having Alzheimer’s disease gone missing.

This reminded me of an incident during my vacation at Mysore. Wherein an old man who didn’t speak the local dialect was lost.

Me and my father had gone to the granary store from where we order our restaurant’s commodities. There in front of the store was an old man sitting on a chair talking to the manager of the store in a bizarre muddle up of languages half crying. We tried to intervene and solve the case! 😉

But it was more frivolous than we thought! The old man was from Pune, Maharashtra. When I this the inner Mumbaikar kicked in. In the little bit of Marathi I had picked up 6 months I asked proudly “Tumhi kaun? Kaay zhala ?” And his reply was elaborate but the only thing I could make out was that he’d come to his son’s house in Mysore. He was out to visit a temple but got lost. His son owned a garage near a big temple. This description was ambiguous but the biggies figured it out and dropped him. When he told him that we knew the location was talking about he started to soon out of happiness and thanked us a lot.

After watching this movie two days ago it got me thinking, with Indians being highly prone to Alzheimer’s disease and it’s diagnosis usually neglected such incidents are becoming the norm! People have come up with innovative ideas such as giving I-Cards for safety measures; but this too isn’t succulent sometimes. The increasing number of missing OLD people in the newspapers is an indication that we must take up o this issue vehemently and plan a full proof blue print.

Ciao! 😁