Am I me ?!

I see my image in the water

And I groan;

Have I succumbed to the society?

Have I given up on my principles?

Have I given up on my dreams?

A spark was enough to burn down an entire forest,

But now it’s the one that chilled down.

Amidst this conundrum; 

I think,

Have I lost myself ?

Shackles of humanity

‚ÄčThe shadow crawls up to me,

Engulfing my very existence;

And I ponder upon this thought

Am I ever free?

The everlasting shackles of materialism

Keep me bounded,

Keep me contained,

Keep me enchained,

But alas my spirit is free.

Soaring high but yet not liberated

For there is the human bond that’s inhuman

And the sole reason for miseries.