Forever and one

I thought you’d loved me

I thought you were my friend

Ooh I thought you’d actually be there for me

As you said when I poured out my heart for you.

But alas I was nothing but a fool.

Not for trusting you, 

No, not even for loving you.

But for believing that I could be ever loved.

As the clock struck twelve,

The midnight of 31 flashed before my eyes

And I remembered‚Äč.

I remember the warm embrace, the gentle care

And the sweet lips.

I remember the smile that could heal,

The words that could inspire,

And the kiss that could cure my soul of darkness.

My apologies for being a bitch, 

But that’s who I am without you.

But all in all,

I was, am and will always love you

Forever and one.


‚ÄčLike a new born he struggles, 

Wriggles to break free, 

Crawls to follow his dreams. 

He’s a prisoner, 

Not of crime but of loneliness; 

And his curse can be liberated,

Not by a knight but;

Only with the lips of his beloved! 

-Sharangrav Samaga