‚ÄčLike a new born he struggles, 

Wriggles to break free, 

Crawls to follow his dreams. 

He’s a prisoner, 

Not of crime but of loneliness; 

And his curse can be liberated,

Not by a knight but;

Only with the lips of his beloved! 

-Sharangrav Samaga 

Seeking an obsession

We NEED obsessions!

Yes, you heard me right. We actually need obsessions. 

But why ?

We’re brought up under such circumstances which has induced a habit of worrying.

We constantly need to work on something and worry about something. Idletory is frowned upon.

But we do need it. In this scenario of opportunity Darwin’s theory of  Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection rule. Idletory is not just derogatory but is a taboo as well.

But at what cost?

Worrying is an obsession. Worrying that you don’t have an obsession is the biggest obsession.

Ciao 😁

I’m done explaining this logic! 😤


Continuing my last post on hypocrisy and judgmental behaviour, I have another incident that supports argument.

I’d applied to get a photocopy of my answer scripts to check my errors. When I applied they told me that it’ll take 8-10 days, and once they get it they’ll SMS me and I’d have to go and get it.

I waited, 8 days went away, 10 days went away, the 12th day came and I started to panic a little. Have they even processed my application? Was there something wrong with my application? Thoughts haunted me. I called them up but they didn’t pick up!

Then my trauma started unable to control myself I went to the office to confront them. There they looked me up and told that it’s not yet come. If there ceased to soak at that I have left with a rather can mind. But the official said that it might take 5 more days since they are GIVING PREFERENCE TO SCIENCE STUDENTS. This enraged me.

Aren’t all students equal. Who was the one who decided that students who don’t want to pursue engineering and medical to be dumb? Who decided that the rest are un important? I’m not trying that people who study poor subjects or study bushes and management be the most important but it’s time you gave us some respect.

Let’s approach it systematically. After an engineer graduates he starts working in a company. But he is supervised, monitored and hired by a person who studied management. Same with doctors, they are governed by the management!

People who decide to stray away from norms are not dumb but smart as they are the ones who will monitor the supposed socially accepted smart people.

Ciao! 😁