‚ÄčLike a new born he struggles, 

Wriggles to break free, 

Crawls to follow his dreams. 

He’s a prisoner, 

Not of crime but of loneliness; 

And his curse can be liberated,

Not by a knight but;

Only with the lips of his beloved! 

-Sharangrav Samaga 

Seeking an obsession

We NEED obsessions!

Yes, you heard me right. We actually need obsessions. 

But why ?

We’re brought up under such circumstances which has induced a habit of worrying.

We constantly need to work on something and worry about something. Idletory is frowned upon.

But we do need it. In this scenario of opportunity Darwin’s theory of  Survival of the Fittest and Natural Selection rule. Idletory is not just derogatory but is a taboo as well.

But at what cost?

Worrying is an obsession. Worrying that you don’t have an obsession is the biggest obsession.

Ciao 😁

Hamaari Uljhi Hui Kahaani !


I declare it out in the open- We live in a PREJUDICED, HYPOCRITICAL and JUDGEMENTAL society.

What makes me come to that conclusion ?

Well for starters the backlash I received for taking up humanities after scoring 97% in my tenth.

The way we look at feminism. We head to the streets demanding women rights, but when it comes to matrimony; a fair (If you are dark skinned go under the razor) , well educated (But less educated than the groom) , Working (Salary is less than the groom’s and have to stop working after year when you get pregnant) and Sanskaari (Chef, Door Man and Butler in need) Bride is needed.

We act as if being judgemental is our fundamental right. You eat vegetarian food you’re a Cow, you eat meat you’re Barbaric. You drink you’re a “bewda saala” you don’t you’re still a kid. You try to keep in touch in touch you’re clingy you don’t you’re a misogynistic ass. You have sex you’re a slut you don’t you’re boring. You’re gay you think only about sex and are disgusting you’re lesbians then you’re just confused.

Just STOP! STOP being judgemental, prejudiced and hypocritical. Just lead your life. Don’t stereotype anyone coz the world is not as how you imagine!

Ciao! 😁